The  History Committee meet regularly throughout the year to organise future events and to discuss the progress of various projects.

Oral Histories

Tom Mayberry has been able to record the reminiscences of  several of the villagers who have lived in the village all their lives.  They give a fascinating glimpse into life in a country village, before and after the Second World War.  And show how life has changed dramatically in only a few decades.

Parish Magazines and Old Newspapers

Delving into the history of Stoke St Mary via copies of the Taunton Courier and others has brought to light some delightful stories -  amusing, sad and enlightening.  Examples can be seen in the Snippets section.  

The Parish magazine also has recollections of the past from some of our oldest residents.

Tithe apportionments, the Census and Electoral Rolls

From the lists of landowners in 1837  in the Tithe apportionments to the Electoral rolls of 1990s a complete list of who lived in the village, where and what they did, is  being drawn up.  We can now see how ownership of land changed, families die out, or move on, and occupations change.  

Agriculture past and present

Other Committee members are researching how agriculture has changed from 1837 when the Tithe map was produced (a copy can be seen in the Village Hall) to the current day when farmers work within the EU CAP (Common Agricultural Policy).